Floor Transmission Jack

Low Clearance Floor Transmission Jack – FTJ1000

If your operations ever call for a low clearance floor transmission jack, the FTJ1000 has all the qualities you expect from a Majorlift product which, since its introduction in 2001, has constantly been updated and enhanced.

Floor Transmission Jack – FTJ1000

It is hugely popular in garages where there is no available pit, or where there is a low roof clearance.

Robust, reliable and simplicity itself to use, the Floor Transmission Jack built-in design features allow you to position accurately, and it is particularly well suited to the removal and fitting of transmissions.

Floor Transmission Jack Standard Features

Easy access pump handle – Turning through a complete 360 degree arc, and operable by just one mechanic, makes height adjustment on the FTJ1000 simple.

Two way tilt facility – The adjustable lifting head tilts through a 70 degree arc, enabling precise positioning and safe manoeuvrability by just one operator when removing and fitting most types of transmission.

Heavyweight power lifting – The unit will support a weight of 1 tonne on any of the four load points.

Heavy duty wheels – The large diameter wheels spread the load over a wide area, making manoeuvrability of the jack easy – even when supporting a heavy weight or when transporting loads over uneven surfaces

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A versatile and indispensable tool when removing or fitting prop shafts, diffs, wheel drums and hubs.

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